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Crab Nebula

Shot between End of January and February 2012, with about 30 Minutes par channel on my SBIG 2000XM camera. Note the „slight“ miscollimation, not-so-good focus, and grainy image (got only a bad flat-field).

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Erstes Bild…First Image…

First CCD Image

 Oh well, after much fiddling with the camera and especially with the pointing of the mount (still far from perfect) I got this image. It’s out of focus, and I have to remove one extension ring to get in focus, but at least I know I can see something 🙂

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Dome ready, telescope not

It’s always like that: Everything is ready, but the weather is not. Quite some snowfall and high winds these days, so no observing was possible. In addition, I miscalculated the backfocus of my GSO RC 12″ (it is a whoppin‘ 28cm!), so I still have to wait for some more spacers to get in focus …


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Dome nearly complete

A view from my dome, towards the Saslong slope of Val Gardena

After a good month of work, and a few more months of waiting for all the equipment, my new dome is nearly complete. I only had to send in my focuser from Moonlite as it was not working. For the rest, I am quite happy now with the dome (from ScopeDome, the 3 meter version). …


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My Telescope

It’s been a while since my last post. However, in the meantime I’ve got my new telescope, a brand-new LX200GPS 10″ f/10 from Meade. I like this beast, even if I need to build up a bit more muscles just to carry that monster up and down these mountains here :P. No seriously, as now …


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